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Disease & Epidemics: Major Project

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This unit approaches diseases and epidemics from a biological and social perspective. Students take a lesson from history and from the biology book as they address a current issue in disease management. Student study topics that form a basic understandings of what is a disease, how the body deals with disease, and how diseases are exacerbated or combated.

The management of disease, use and misuse of antibiotics and vaccinations, and the development of new treatments, are all topics of discussion for participating students as they partner with public health and health care professionals in raising the awareness within their community of a disease and treatment of disease issue.

In the Major Project students address one current issue relating to disease and disease management within their community. They provide a public service message that is checked in advance by local public health officials for accuracy.

Week - Connection Science Social Studies Language Arts
Public Health Visitor (Week 3)
Using their background from the previous week’s lessons, students develop questions to ask a local public health or medical professional about local public health issues.
A Poster is Worth a Thousand Words.
Collect and discuss a variety of PSA posters
Reaching Your Audience (Week 6)
Effective messages How do you get your message across to a huge population
Public Health Visitor (Week 3)
Can Diseases be Prevented?
Write a research paper on a disease based on their internet or library research.
What messages are out there? (Week 6)
What messages are out there right now & which ones are effective & which ones are not.
Developing a Public Service Message (Week 8) Using research as well as laboratory experiences students will begin developing a public service message that addresses a public health issue faced by the local community Can Diseases be Prevented?
The Facts and Figures (Week 7)
Students develop research skills and properly cite sources as they develop their final product
Taking it to the Community (Week 9)
Once given the go ahead by local community partners, students share the message with a target audience.
Let’s Put the Information in Infomercial: Designing a PSA
Create a story board and dialogue and act out a PSA commercial

A Little Reminder to Take with You (Week 8)

PULSE is a project of the Community Outreach and Education Program of the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center and is funded by:

NIH/NCRR award #16260-01A1
The Community Outreach and Education Program is part of the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center: an NIEHS Award


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