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Pulse 10th Grade Curriculum Development Team

PULSE Team picture

Marti Lindsey
Primary Investigator
Director of Community Outreach and Education

Marti coordinates and supervises
the entire project - curriculum development, curriculum dissemenation and curriculum testing.
Rachel Hughes
Science Education Liaison

Rachel supervises, coordinates and leads the PULSE Teams in curriculum design and development. She is also recruiting teachers and pilot test lessons and entire units.
Kirstin Bittel
Kirstin is a middle school science teacher. She has presented multiple times at NSTA and at a local conferences on using inquiry in the classroom and on authentic assessment. Her experience at the middle school level has included extensive team work on integrated lessons. Having already earned a Masters degree in Educational Administration Kirstin has returned to graduate school for a Masters in Biology. Kirstin is also crazy enough to run marathons!
Catharine Niuzzo Honaman
Katie has shared her love of language with middle school, high school and adult learners as a language arts teacher and as a teacher of English as a Second Language in Japan. Long after she finished her masters in Linguistics and American Literature, Katie still pursues her own love of language with classes in Italian, Japanese, Scots Gaelic and American Sign Language. Katie is very committed to integrated learning and has practiced and promoted it as a team leader and department chair. Right now Katie is out of the classroom so she can focus on language development, mostly gurgling and Teletubbies as she cares for her young son, Sparky (not pictured).
Sally Rusk
Sally has taught both social studies and mathematics to high school students over the past 13 years. Having lived and traveled in South America and Africa, Sally brings interesting and new perspectives to her students and to our team. Sally is committed to addressing equitable access to education for all students.
Sally is the third of our team to have a bilingual or ESL certification. Her new adventure is a little closer to home, renovating an old firehouse back to its former glory.
Sara Patricia Chavarria
Having completed a Masters in archaeology Sara realized that she was interested in sharing her love of archaeology and wanted to develop alternative methods for K-12 students and the public to explore the past. She wanted to expand students’ perspectives of the past beyond dates and into the dynamic nature of culture. Now with a PhD in Reading, Language and Culture, Sara has been focusing on integrated curriculum development in multiple university and school district programs for students. Sara views the past as an opportunity to view multiple cultures, how they interact, how they grow and uses that as a forum for discussion of present day cultures. Although she claims that she watches ‘Survivor’ for insights into culture, we have our doubts.
Travis Biazo
Web Developer/Graphic Designer

Travis finished his BA in Visual Communication in 2002. Prior to joining SWEHSC, Travis worked for the College of Pharmacy. Since joining the SWEHSC team he has revamped the SWEHSC COEP site and created the PULSE site. His patience with the rest of the team while we change lessons around is outstanding!
Samanthi Hewakapuge
Information Specialist

Samanthi coordinates the library of materials and resources that support the PULSE project.

PULSE is a project of the Community Outreach and Education Program of the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center and is funded by:

NIH/NCRR award #16260-01A1
The Community Outreach and Education Program is part of the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center: an NIEHS Award


Supported by NIEHS grant # ES06694

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